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I Can Get It for You Wholesale

by Karen Tortora-Lee on February 3, 2009

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For those who know their Broadway Show history, I Can Get It for You Wholesale is the 1962 musical responsible for bringing a teen-aged Barbra Streisand to the New York stage; she not only debuted to critical acclaim, but she sang her way into a Tony Nomination as well for her role as Miss Marmelstein.  (For those who know their Karen Tortora [sans Lee] history, the Miss Marmelstein song was in very heavy rotation during the Spring/Summer season of Karen’s Basement Follies of 1982.  If I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m an only child who, alas, garnered no such critical acclaim).

In any case, today “I can get if for you wholesale” is more than just a link you can click while you’re reading your way through my column.  Today it’s also a very clever pun because I, I … can help get you a ticket to a Broadway (okay, off-Broadway) show for what will feel like wholesale.  And these days, that’s saying a lot.

To be truthful I had no hand in this … I’m simply the messenger.  But here I go … messengering away:  I bring you news of 20at20: Off-Broadway show all yours for the low, low price of only $20 bucks!  That’s twenty one-dollar bills!  When was the last time you could pay for anything with that kinda dough?

For just a little while longer – till February 8th, get your butt out of your chair, DVR that episode of LOST (come on, that’s why you HAVE the thing!) and go see some great shows. Here’s what you do (and watch for the pattern here):

  1. TWENTY minutes before one of these shows starts go to the box office.Say “20 at 20“.
  2. You can also say “Twenty @ Twenty” or “20 at Twenty“.  It works any of those ways because (Pay attention! The wand never leaves my hand) it all sounds the same when you say it out loud.
  3. They give you a ticket to the show of your choice for twenty bucks.

Seriously.  No gimmick.  (Well, just this 20 @ 20 gimmick.)  No hidden fees.  No tricks.  Just lots of great theatre at NOT lots of money.  And not lousy shows that no one’s heard of either.  No – big, great wonderful shows that EVERYONE’S heard of like (in case you haven’t clicked the link I just inserted into this post twenty … no, make that twenty at twenty times) Fuerza Bruta (any one catch the episode of Next Top Model?)  and The Fantasticks and Naked Boys Singing! (I did not add that exclamation point, but if the marketing folks hadn’t I sure would have.  I mean, I sure would have!!)

So go.  Now.  Because the next show starts in twenty minutes!

See you Off-Broadway!

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John CapoNo Gravatar February 4, 2009 at 3:05 pm

Dear Karen,

Thanks so much for blogging about The Fantasticks! 20at20 is a great program for all the reasons you mention. Plus, it brings new people into the theater and that’s really the underlying goal of any sort of promotion like this. But best of all, it showcases Off Broadway as the hotbed of exciting theater that it is — where so many star actors get their start and where so many eventual Pulitzer Prize-winning plays are born. So on behalf of The Fantasticks, thanks so much for spreading the good word.

John Capo
DBS Press | 1627 Broadway | New York, NY 10019

karenNo Gravatar February 5, 2009 at 5:13 pm

Thanks, John! I LOVED the Fantasticks as a teen (which shows you how long this great off-Broadway musical has been around) and would really encourage people to go out and see it. Warning: Three notes into “Try To Remember” you’ll be fighting back tears.

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