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What Is The Happiest Medium?

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Whether your passion is theatre, or your gulity pleasure is trashy TV, whether you love to go gallery hopping on a rainy weekend or just curl up with a great book before you go to sleep, whether you’re a professional  shutterbug or an amatuer iTunes mix master you’ll meet someone here who shares your passion.
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Our Mission – To highlight, showcase and celebrate the independent artist; to amplify the passion they have for their medium and help share it with a wider audience through reviews, interviews and features.


The Happiest Medium began with the hopes of becoming an on line entertainment hub – a place where people with opinions about movies and theatre and books and art could all come together and talk about their favorites.  In the years that we’ve been around we found that there’s one thing we do well, and therefore that’s the one thing we’ve decided to commit ourselves to above all else: championing the independent artist.

Often that talented artist will be someone in the Off-Off-Broadway community.  But the more involved we become with the independent community the more we realize that everyone has a “slash” career.  They are an actress slash singer.  A writer slash musician.  Often times they’re doing it at the same time in the same act.  Theatre is evolving and therefore the way it is covered should evolve too.

So, in keeping with our original intention: we will continue to be dedicated to media beyond the stage.  We will cover books, films, and even the odd television show.  But more likely than not we will do so because we’ve found some wonderful independent force which needs to be amplified … and our job is to shine that spotlight and echo that message.  It’s been our job since we hung out our shingle.  And our hope is to continue doing this in an ever-widening circle to include other pockets of unexplored America.

So – if you know of something amazing and you are looking for a site that will give the story the attention it deserves, come talk to us.


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Cailin Heffernan June 30, 2012 at 12:42 pm

Dear Karen:

You gave me an insightful review for my work as director on Boomerang Theatre Company’s THE REAL THING in March. I got several positive reviews, but yours really specifically recognized my work and addressed the challenges of the production. You also didn’t think the actors did it all themselves (vbg). I am so appreciative of your eyes and ears. Not since Glenda Frank reviewed my work on BEYOND THE HORIZON, have I had a review which I will now include in my c.v. packet. Thanks ever so.

Cailin Heffernan

Karen Tortora-Lee July 1, 2012 at 3:36 pm

Your comment humbles me, and makes me very proud that I do what I do. Shows like yours are wonderful, and if I can write the kind of review that inspires people to see it, as well as one that lets the production team know they’ve done good work then I’ve done my job. Keeps sending me information about your shows and I’ll keep reviewing them!


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