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The Wo(Man) In The Window

by Antonio Miniño on January 28, 2010

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I have to admit, it has been hard for me to wrap around the idea of posting The Wo(Man) In The Window after the earthquake that hit Haiti. I was thinking of using the column to inform on ways on how to donate and help – but you can check out the extremely helpful Washington Post article. A lot of Arts organizations around NYC are also donating part of their proceeds to help the Haiti relief. Right here on The Happiest Medium there is information on The Improvolution’s LoveFest, donating their proceeds.

Acrylic on Masonite by Bernard Sejourne

Being Dominican, something I was always immersed in and appreciated about Haiti is their artwork. Somewhat childlike, simple, yet vivid, they are characterized for  celebrating their women, people, rural landscapes, spirituality and crop life, it captures a passion in the way they celebrate who they are.

Acrylic on Canvas by Henry Robert Bresil

Acrylic on Canvas by Henry Robert Bresil

I hope these images change those of CNN and other news channels – not as a way to ignore what has happened- but as a way to celebrate the possibility of a rebirth and a rebuild. Some Haitian galleries in the US are donating all proceeds from their sales to the reconstruction of their city.

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