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De Profil: A Conversation With German Model And Musician Soraya Garcia

by Anne Jordanova on June 17, 2010

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I am fascinated with driven entertainers who do more with their beautiful mug and talent than the average human. In saying this, no one fits this mold better than German sensation Soraya Garcia.  Born in Hannover to Spanish parents, Soraya has risen out of an array of fashion models and musicians to stand alone. She labels herself a “rebellious, liberal democrat” and as her career is about to explode, I figured I would sit down with her and grab a few quick thoughts from her creative mind, before I am having to wait in line like the rest of the Universe …

Would love to get a breakdown of your background, it’s so interesting? Where are you from? Your heritage? How has that shaped who you are today?

Thank you very much! My family is actually from Valladolid, a city close to Madrid in Spain. I was born and raised in Hannover, Germany though…which is quite interesting since I feel that both countries are so different from each other. In Spain, we are pretty passionate and we know how to enjoy life whilst Germans tend to be very driven by hard work and discipline… So…I often feel this cultural mix keeps me balanced and makes me more tolerant and understanding of other cultures.

How did you break into Fashion? Where do you see yourself going next? Acting wise, especially?

I got into this industry when I was around 19. Paul Mitchell was casting models for a hair show, I happened to more or less “run into” the casting agents and hair stylists from L.A., and got to do the whole runway thing with eight-inch heels and their latest hair-style creation on my head – which included about ten tons of hair-spray and more hair gel I ever thought existed. All in all a funny experience, that led to more and more shoots, including fashion,beauty and commercial print. Another big focus of mine is music though, my electronica band Excess-bition is just about to release our first cd “Intellectual Property”, I am more then exited to start dj-ing very soon too. I love creativity so much, and i just think all arts kind of flow together; that is why I would love to expand all my possibilities, and since modeling is a little bit of acting too, I would love to try that on a small scale as well. I just love to have the best of all ALL worlds, haha.

I know you are multi lingual. What languages do you speak and or study?

Well… I speak German, English and Spanish fluently, plus some basic French and Italian. I also studied Latin for six years, since my dad wanted me to become a lawyer or a doctor…well..not quite, haha.

I also know you are very well known for your constant voice in animal activism. What is your daily lifestyle/outlook like? Also, I know you support the German organization BUND-can you tell me more about this organization?

Sure! I have been a vegetarian since I was twelve years old, and a vegan since I turned nineteen, meaning I do not use any animal product at all. Animals are just so important to me; having two cats myself, I feel that an animal is more than a potential steak or sausage. I know people classify animals into categories, meaning e.g you can eat a cow but not a cat in our society, but I choose to not make this distinction. They say that a society is also characterized by the way it treats their animals…if so, we still have a lot to learn, I guess. I know that not everybody will stop eating meat or wearing fur just for the sake of it, but I wish people would realize that animals actually DO have feelings, they do feel pain, and that it is completely unnecessary to kill or exploit them in my opinion. Apart from other charities dedicated to animals, I support the German “BUND”, which helps to protect the environment and animals alike. Their latest campaigns are intended to save the whales, and to protect endangered animals. Please feel free to find out more at:


There she is!  I’m delighted to introduce New York City to her. To listen to Soraya’s music on Reverb Nation, Go here.


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Mardi-Ellen HillNo Gravatar June 18, 2010 at 3:35 pm

I lovd this interview with Ms. Soraya Garcia. Being a creator of a new music platform: I write music applications that will be used by the public through a new invention: MENDtm — MENDtm or musical encode decode is a new model interfacing system, that will highlight everything from fashion to the uses of one’s celebrity, and utilize all manner of personalized skill sets.

One’s action/work output will be classified as a personalized musical identity– a virtual identity tool chest that can be mapped in order to do all kinds of international business.

I believe that the right to capitalize on one’s gifts and talents is all about identity and that fundamental right should reside like a creator’s APP with the holder of their personalized identity- DNA code — so a big hats off to this international icon for exploiting her talents to the fullest!
Mardi-Ellen Hill

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