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Entrevista: Never Norman Rockwell (Midtown International Theatre Festival 2010)

by Antonio Miniño on July 18, 2010

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Never Norman Rockwell

Never Norman Rockwell

We’ve reached our final installment of our Midtown International Theatre Festival‘s Q&A. Today we chat with Kyle Baxter, writer of Never Norman Rockwell, and co-artistic director of The Collective Objective.

When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve always been interested in telling stories, but my interest in writing really blossomed after High School. I wrote my first novel then and submitted it to Del Rey. It was also my first rejection!

Kyle Baxter

Kyle Baxter

What is your show about?

It’s about ninety minutes. No, really it is. Seriously, though it is essentially a romantic comedy about what happens when the best man comes out the day before the wedding. It is about the love shared by two men, only one of whom is gay, a love story about the love between friends. Not a love that dare not speak its name, but a love often overlooked.

If you had to single out a quality between dialogue, plot or character, which one is the strongest in your project, and why?

The dialogue is the strongest quality in Never Norman Rockwell. It shapes the plot and the characters. I really love dialogue, and love using somewhat archaic words.

What is the funniest thing that has happened, and what is the most frustrating thing that has happened so far during this experience?

I can’t think of one funniest thing. The cast as a whole is a joy to work with, but probably the most interesting was taking some of them out to Gay Pride. We handed out postcards, the show is gay themed after all. Some of them had never been. Watching their expressions was priceless!

The most frustrating thing was having to recast a part last minute. It as our own fault. We cast a friend and they just weren’t able to come through for us. We gave them too many chances as well. Lesson learned: Don’t cast friends, unless you are also willing to fire them.

Name one show in the festival you are planning on checking out, and why?

Not fair, as there are so many I want to see! If I have to name only one it would be The Starship Astrov, I love Duncan Pflaster’s work. He’s a gifted actor as well as a great playwright.


Never Norman Rockwell
written by Kyle Baxter
directed by Anthony Gargano

Playing July 16th through July 31st at The Becket Theatre @Theatre Row (410 W. 42th St).
Tickets are $18 (Students $15) available at

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