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How Do You Measure A Year? With A Party! *THE HAPPIEST MEDIUM IN 3-D!*

by Karen Tortora-Lee on October 7, 2010

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Things are really buzzing at The Happiest Medium.  We can hardly believe it, but we’re about to celebrate our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!  Was it only yesterday that we swung wide the virtual doors and hung out our THM shingle?

Our official 1st Post was the end of October 2009, but things really didn’t get swinging until mid November - November 15th (or, so says revisionist history!)  As luck would have it, November 15th is the perfect day to have an amazing party!  So SAVE THE DATE!

Here are some tantalizing little bits to get you excited -

The Happiest Medium is jumping off the computer screen and going 3-D!  Like Avatar without all the Blue People!

We’ve picked some of our favorite artists from our inaugural year and asked them to come perform at a swanky tribeca hotspot!

There will be music!  There will be magic!  There will be monologues! There will be mugging for the camera!  There will be two solid hours of amazing entertainment capped off by an amazing band who will play you off into the night.

So bring your dancing shoes!  Bring your Flip Video Camera!  Bring your friends and come meet us live!

Everyone you know and love will be in one room having a ball – you’ll want to be there too.  If you think The Happiest Medium runs The Happiest Website, wait till you join them for The Happiest Night of Celebrating, Highlighting and Showcasing all that the New York performance scene has to offer!  You’ll be talking about this night for years . . . or at least until our 2nd Anniversary party!

So Mark Your Calendars!  NOVEMBER 15, 2010.

Tickets Go On Sale Soon! (low low low price of 15 dollars – less than an off-off Broadway show!)

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