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FRIGID New York Festival 2011 – Five Questions For: I Love You (We’re F*#ked)

by Karen Tortora-Lee on February 22, 2011

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Welcome back to another installment of FRIGID New York Festival 2011 Q&A!  We’ll be running these throughout February until the Festival starts, so be sure to check back to read all about the great shows that will be taking part in the festival.  Also – don’t miss the winner-take-all game of Rock Paper Scissors! Today’s Q&A is with Kevin J Thornton, writer and performer of I Love You, (We’re F*#ked).

Kevin J Thornton has been featured on NPR’s “All Things Considered” and is the recent New Faces Winner at The Comedy Store in Hollywood. His hilarious new show is a wild mix of concert, stand up and storytelling.

Kevin J Thornton stars in I Love You (We're F*#ked) Photo by Chris Wage

Kevin J Thornton stars in I Love You (We're F*#ked) Photo by Chris Wage

answers by Kevin J Thornton -performer

Antonio Asks: What makes FRIGID such a warm and welcoming experience for your production?

I’ve been traveling around performing in fringe festivals and theatres for a couple of years. I’ve wanted to come to NYC for a long time and this seemed like the perfect opportunity!

Diánna Asks: What about this play do you feel most drawn to personally, and because of that, what message do you hope the audience walks away with?

I wrote this show from a very real and personal place. It takes a tale of lost love and spins it into a hilariously absurd odyssey. The hero knows he must move on but before he can must look back and ask “how the hell did I get here?” I do hope the audience leaves feeling inspired and believing in the power of love or something, but most importantly I hope they laugh their asses off.

Karen Asks: That’s some title.  How did you come up with it – and what does it mean?

While the show is largely a silly, stream of consciousness fantasy sort of thing– there is a theme of loving someone to your own detriment. Breakin’ up is hard to do. Stand by your man. Love hurts. Something like that…

Stephen Asks: You must have a favorite part of your show.  What makes it your favorite?

The songs are my favorite part. I feel like these might be the best songs I’ve ever written and audiences are going to walk away humming them.

Lina Asks: How much of your show was inspired by true events?

100% of it. But I’ve spun it all into something very heightened and fun. It’s a weird one man musical!

THM Bonus Question: If you could play a virtual game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with another FRIGID Show which show would you take on?  And what would you throw?

Well I’m from Nashville and not familiar with the other guys yet. So I’ll sit on the side with my guitar and a glass of wine and let the others duke it out. Wait, are we duking it out?!? *gulp*

Thanks I Love You (We’re F*#ked) – for participating in The Happiest Medium’s FRIGID New York Festival 2011 Q&A.  And for playing our game!  Since you decided to sit on the side, you’re (pardon the pun) officially F*#ked. This is how it works in the crazy world of the VIRTUAL ROCK PAPER SCISSORS TOURNAMENT!

Meanwhile, for the rest of you – don’t forget to check out I Love You (We’re F*#ked)

I Love You (We’re F*#ked)
Presented by 55BC Nashville, TN
UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place) $15
Thu 2/24 @ 10:30pm, Sat 2/26 @ 4pm, Sun 2/27 @ 4pm, Fri 3/4 @ 9pm, & Sun 3/6 @ 1pm

FRIGID New York Festival 2011 will run February 23-March 6 at The Kraine Theater & The Red Room (85 East 4th Street between 2nd Ave and Bowery) and UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place between 1sr Ave and Ave A). Tickets ($10-$16) may be purchased online at or by calling Smarttix at 212-868-4444. All shows will run 60 minutes long or less.

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