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Dan Via

Anyone For A Swingin’ Threesome? is a trio of comedic One Act Plays put together by Just Ask Productions. I like One Act collections, and collections of short stories. Besides being short, I also like that – as collections – they are of different origins (even if by the same author) and that the world ... Read The Full Article...


Theatre Review- DADDY

by Antonio Miniño on February 10, 2010

Gerald McCullouch (Colin) & Dan Via (Stew)

Dan Via has all the ingredients for an excellent comedy about two best friends entering middle-age and facing life altering changes. Instead DADDY tries to be a dark drama of Greek proportions. How much can you bend a  plot without it breaking? That depends on the eye of the beholder. Related Posts:Swingin’ Threesome Can Lead ... Read The Full Article...

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