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    I will take any opportunity to keep Mae West‘s memory alive here on THM - I’ve worshiped her since I was a child.  Not just a film actress, West was a pioneer of the stage who didn’t wait around for parts to be written for her.  Nor did she shy away from the subject ... Read The Full Article...


I Shall Forget You Presently (Amy Overman/Nicole Lee Aiossa/Cara Moretto/Jennifer Gill/Rachel Grundy) [Photo by Theresa Unfried]

She was a woman … a poet … a lover. She was found at the bottom of the stairs. She made the city – she WAS the city.  She was from the country. I’d never read her … These are some of the overlapping and recurring words of The Dysfunctional Theatre Company‘s theatrical piece I Shall ... Read The Full Article...

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