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The Happiest Ads
The Happiest Ads

Rob Matsushita


When I was around ten years old I wrote a play based on the epic, Gone With The Wind.  There were just 2 actors in my play, myself and my 8 year old friend.  We bypassed a lot of the Civil War story line – and even dismissed the romantic plot. Instead we focused on ... Read The Full Article...


Boogie Apes

 Ten Questions. Ten Answers. And One Big Decision: Rock, Paper, Or Scissors? Boogie Of The Apes Production Company: Broom Street Theater A parody of one of the best-loved sci-fi franchises of the 1970′s. With the help of vintage children’s records and other found material, we’re recapping, lampooning, and critiquing the first four Planet Of The ... Read The Full Article...