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Three Questions And One Video For “Six Silences In Three Movements”

by Karen Tortora-Lee on March 1, 2011

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We’re already planning ahead for after-FRIGID and what better way to face the non-festival lull than with a good ole Duncan Pflaster nekkid play? That’s right- you heard right. But why should I blather on when I’ve got the playwright of Six Silences In Three Movements right here?

What’s it all about, Duncan? (I’m humming, are you?)
Well, the story is about a straight couple and a gay couple who are best friends, but the straight guy is having a clandestine affair with one of the gay guys (unbeknownst to their partners).
It’s a long one-act piece which is experimental in form- each scene is broken up into three “movements”, analogous to those in music. There is a poem in a traditional form, then a scene where lovers talk but nothing of importance is said, then a section where, nude, the performers spout non-sequiturs at each other. It’s inspired in part by an Edward Gorey piece called L’Heure Bleu, and has to do with communication, how even when we’re as intimate as we can be with someone, we still might be holding something back.

FABULOUS! I love Edward Gorey and I love that concept.  I completely agree – we’re always holding something back.

Your show contains nudity AND poetry. What’s more controversial?
Though the poetry is unusual these days (all of it is in antiquated classical forms: a Villanelle, a Triolet, a Wyleian Sonnet, a Rondeau Redouble), I think it’s probably still the nudity. There’s a whole lot of it in this piece, and the theatre space is quite small, so the audience will be getting up close and personal views of the performers. The show is part of Manhattan Rep’s WinterFest 2011, and it’s usually in their Festival Contract that they don’t allow nudity, but they’re making an exception for this piece because they liked my play so much.

Wow, you made someone break a contract, Mr. Pflaster! Color me impressed. And a little tingly.

Give me six unrelated words that describe your show.
Natural, Love, Silence, Perfection, Desire, Penguin.

Well, I’ve nothing to add there! Always a pleasure, Duncan Pflaster, writer of Six Silences In Three Movements.  Roll tape!

Only 3 Performances -
March 19th @ 9PM
March 20th @ 6PM
March 24th @ 9PM

Tickets $20 – call 646.329.6588 / /

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