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Bill Connington Is Unstoppable With *Zombie* And *The Thornhills Of Park Avenue*

by Karen Tortora-Lee on September 14, 2011

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The Thornhills of Park Avenue (L-R: Bill Connington, Anthony Haden-Guest, Juliette Bennett)

We recently wrote about Bill Connington’s success with his award winning play, Zombie (based on the novella by Joyce Carol Oates).  The short film based on the play- winner of “Best Short Film (Horror)” at the Washington D.C. International Film Festival will be shown as part of The Williamsburg International Film FestivalKnitting Factory | 9/23/2011 | 12 AM – and (if you’re down that way) at  The Atlanta Horror Film Festival in a few days on September 16.

In Zombie Connington plays a mild-mannered “normal-seeming” serial killer who abducts innocent victims and attempts to turn them into his zombie slaves.

But if that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea the versatile Connington will flex his comic muscles for you as an upscale Society investment banker trying to discover the meaning of life in the short film The Thornhills of Park Avenue.  Written by Connington the film co-stars Juliette Bennett and Anthony Haden-Guest.

“A young Park Avenue couple invites a British writer and cartoonist for cocktails. Quips and satire ensue. The story is: what is more important: money or happiness? The answer? Cocktails, apparently…”

The Thornhills of Park Avenue will be screened at the Somewhat North of Boston Film Festival (Sept 15 – 18 / Concord New Hampsire) on September 17th.


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