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Naked Brazilian – 5 Things To Know About The Show Before You Go (2012 Planet Connections Festivity)

by The Happiest Medium on May 28, 2012

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Naked Brazilian 

Benefiting: United Nations Environment Programme
Written and Performed by Gustavo Pace
Directed by Lou Liberatore


“Struggling against his father’s wishes to become a lawyer, a young man journeys from Rio to NYC to fulfill his own dreams to become a clown.”

Show Times:

  • Tues 6/5/12 – 6:00pm
  • Fri 6/8/12 – 8:30pm
  • Sun 6/10/12 – 4:00pm
  • Sun 6/17/12 – 3:00pm

Gustavo Pace (Writer/Performer)

[Editor's Note: Gustavo - who is Brazilian - invited me to Americanize his answers, but I thought they were charming as is. I'm sure you'll agree.] 

Karen Tortora-Lee’s Question
How did you come up with the title for your show?

Gustavo:  Naked Brazilian have different meanings like for example the sexy naked in the car that I experienced, also to get the soul naked and some other meanings that you need to see the show to understand. If I am going to be naked? That you need to come to check what happen. This is what I can tell about the show: Dad says, be a lawyer I say, be a clown What’s a boy to do? (father doesn’t always know best).


Diánna Martin’s Question
If you were going to invite 5 people (from the past or present) to see your show – who would you invite … and why?

My father: Because I want to know if he will still talk with me after listening to this stories. I think he would be disappointed in the son he has. Some weeks ago he asked me: What this show Naked Brazilian about? I said; sorry Dad, but I am not ready to tell what is about…

Criminal Law teacher: I think he would shoot me if he see his scene in the play, but I want to see if he maybe changes the way he deal with his students…

Bruno: I can’t say why but if you go to the show you going to understand … The only thing I can tell is: “If you have questions of your sexuality don’t look for the answers in your fathers car.”

Matt Hoverman: Because he supported me a lot with this project and he is an inspiring artist.

Marx Brothers: I talk on the show about the dream to be like them and also the desire to become a Clown and make people laugh.

Antonio Minino’s Question
What is the biggest sacrifice you’ve made for your art and was it worth it?

Gustavo: It was to give up Law School after graduating in Brazil and live now in New York only with my passion and dream to be an actor. It is worth [it]. I am happy here in New York and being able to tell stories that I am not “allowed” to do in Brazil.

Geoffrey Paddy Johnson’s Question
Was there any unexpected discovery made during the development of this production and can you share it with us?

Gustavo:  I discover that I really want to become an actor and Clown and I love entertaining people and also that it’s important to accept who you are with all the problems and prejudices that we have. I think I found more my inner voice and my true need to tell stories. My director Lou Liberatore was great on the process and essential for the play. I really admire him.

Michelle Augello-Page’s Question
What do you hope the audience receives from the experience of seeing this show?

Gustavo: I hope the audience will think about the importance of following their dreams and taking risks in life. The risks can be dangerous, but might lead you for a happier life than just having a security boring job. As the quote said “ Leap..and the net will appear”


Planet Connections runs from May 30 – June 24 at The Bleecker Street Theater located at 45 Bleecker Street, New York, NY. To purchase tickets to this or any of the shows click here.


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