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See Bob Run – 5 Things To Know About The Show Before You Go (2012 Planet Connections Festivity)

by Karen Tortora-Lee on May 28, 2012

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See Bob Run

Benefiting: RAINN
Produced by Dancing Torero Productions
Written by Daniel MacIvor
Directed by David Gautschy

“A dark and edgy dramedy about a young woman hitchhiking across the Canadian prairies. Determined to meet her estranged Father at the water, Bob is talkative, paranoid and full of secrets. Told through direct address, monologues to unsuspecting drivers and twisted fairytales. The play is a complex portrait of the many effects of abuse.”

Show Times:

  • Wed 6/6/12 – 5:00pm
  • Mon 6/11/12 – 4:00pm
  • Saturday 6/16/12 – 8:00pm
  • Wednesday 6/20/12 – 4:00pm

Answers by Allison Plamondon
(Actor, Producer) 


Karen Tortora-Lee’s Question
How did you come up with the title for your show?

Allison:  Daniel MacIvor wrote the play in the 80s so he named it then.

Diánna Martin’s Question
If you were going to invite 5 people (from the past or present) to see your show – who would you invite … and why?

Allison:  Daniel MacIvor (because he wrote it-although don’t tell me when he is there because I will forget all of my lines)
Caroline Gillis (because she originated the role in 1986 and I would love to buy her a beer after the show)
Tim Ryan (head of my theatre program-passed away in 2009. because he would be proud)
John Cameron Mitchell (because Hedwig and the Angry Inch is totally inspiring!)
Robert Downey Jr (because wouldn’t you want him at your show?)

Antonio Minino’s Question
What is the biggest sacrifice you’ve made for your art and was it worth it?
Allison:  Leaving everything I had in Toronto and moving to New York. Was it worth it? You have to ask?

Geoffrey Paddy Johnson’s Question
Was there any unexpected discovery made during the development of this production and can you share it with us?
Allison:  In 2011, we worked on See Bob Run part-time for months and months before doing a workshop presentation in the fall. When we picked it up again (8 months later) it was amazing how quickly everything came back. Phew. So, the unexpected discovery was now that the groundwork was laid, we could take more risks and have more fun with it. Exciting!

Michelle Augello-Page’s Question
What do you hope the audience receives from the experience of seeing this show?
Allison:  I hope the audience walks away saying “eh” at the end of every sentence like a true Canadian.


Planet Connections runs from May 30 – June 24 at The Bleecker Street Theater located at 45 Bleecker Street, New York, NY. To purchase tickets to this or any of the shows click here.


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