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I’ll Drink To That … And That … And That: UglyRhino Gives You Every Excuse To Keep Drinking

by Karen Tortora-Lee on July 25, 2012

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Need an excuse to drink a lot with your friends on a Monday night?  Looking for a reasonably priced venue filled with laughs, entertainment and unexpected moments that will have you waiting for the next cue to hoist that brew?  Then Tiny Rhino - Ugly Rhino‘s Monthly Drinking Game Series – is for you.

The rules are simple – each month six short plays are commissioned by Ugly Rhino. The plays can be about absolutely anything - except as often as possible they should include the same five dramatic elements.

The nights of the performance these five elements are announce and that’s everyone’s cue to drink!

July’s edition was packed with an eager house who was ready to drink every time they saw someone trips and fall, give the finger, do an imitation of a famous person, comment on the temperature in the room, or explain their dream.  Even more fun was guessing if that trip counted as a trip and fall and if that vague circular thing was an Iron Man reference and thus counted as “imitation of a famous person”.

While some skits played hard and fast with the elements, throwing in “boy, it’s hot in here” and “lemme tell you about this dream” randomly and often in an effort to get the audience as drunk as possible other skits were masterfully done, skillfully weaving the elements into a perfect jewel.   Half the fun of the evening that Ugly Rhino puts together in their Tiny Rhino series is seeing how much you can drink, but the other half is seeing how six different playwrights can take all the same elements and create six vastly different short plays.

July’s installment of TinyRhino featured new works which ran the gamut from comedy to drama to a swingin’ musical.  While The Surprised Party by Kendra Levin, Pharmaceutical, The 10 Minute Musical by Yontan Sallmander, and  Open Heart Surgery by Tatiana Suarez-Pico were all in good fun, Die Hard, Hard As In A Boner by Justin Shipley, was a hilarious look at what happens right after the guy gets the girl  - the not so thrilling wake of the wham-bam thrilling conclusion so often handed to us at the end of these crash ‘em up movies.  DashCam by Solomon Strul was an eerie, spooky, devilishly haunting tale that used superb lighting and sound effects that had the audience riveted,  and The Nun Lesbian Sacred Card House Play by Deen was deeply moving, thoughtful and touching – far more than its title implies.  I dare say I had a tear in my eye at the end.

Next month’s evening will showcase some of the audience’s favorite TinyRhino plays from various months over the past year and will include This… Body; The Weight of the World by Morgan Gould from May 2012, Vic and Ned Across America by Daniel Kitrosser from January 2012, The Reoccurring Resurrection of Sweet Latisha Jesus Brown by Patricia Ione Lloyd from April 2012, Don’t Eat Almonds Off a Dead Guy by Tariq Hamami from July 2011, Occupation by Kyle Warren from November 2011, and Punches by Becca Schlossberg from June 2012.


When: Monday, August 13th at 8:00pm
Where: The Brooklyn Lyceum; 227 4th Avenue Brooklyn NY 11217
Cost: $10 ticket includes one FREE beer
Click Here to find out more
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