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The Happiest Ads
The Happiest Ads

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Matthew Ferretti, John Weisenburger, Christopher Tocco, Sean Meehan & Charles Everett (photo by Andrea Varga)

Imagine yourself far away from home, stripped of your identity, doing the exact same thing as the interchangeable cog in the wheel beside you.  Imagine that you are so scared by the fact that you have no idea what’s happening to you tomorrow that you coat yourself with a thick layer of false bravado just ... Read The Full Article...


Try The Soup? (Cara Francis, Desiree Burch and Erica Livingston made it just for you)

First, a joke: Old Perceval decided to treat himself for his 100th birthday. He flew first-class to San Francisco and checked into the Fairmont Hotel. The mischievous hotel concierge got an idea and, as a practical joke, sent a call girl up to his room. She knocked, and the old fellow walked slowly over and ... Read The Full Article...

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We Bathe, You Swallow

New York Neo-Futurists Desiree Burch, Cara Francis & Erica Livingston serve up a cure for what ails you in this Neo-Medicine show, performing in and around a giant pot of self-made soup. Bottling this soup, as well as a series of elixirs, potions, tonics and products, they heal and reveal the female experience live, honest ... Read The Full Article...