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No Traveler

These women of the arts hail from different disciplines, but they all have an indomitable spirit and a luminescent spark that makes them amazing human beings who are out there every day, doing amazing work. Today we continue our series with Penny Pollak. I picked this photo above ‘specially for her: “DON’T let your woman ... Read The Full Article...


No Traveler - Contemplating What Lies Beyond (Penny Pollak / photo by Rebecca Chiappone)

The opening scene of Penny Pollak’s No Traveler (directed and co-created by Samantha Jones) immediately reminded me of The Triplets of Belleville (not the movie, but the weirdly enjoyable music video by M).  Ms. Pollak, or rather her character Abigail, is having a great time dancing around her room to an equally bouncy French tune; ... Read The Full Article...


Okay, okay, so these last few days have been relatively mild, I admit.  Even that giant pile of grey gunk that the plow flung upon my curb which – at it’s all time high – reached up to my shoulders has now evaporated enough to reveal the mounds of garbage that were piled there so ... Read The Full Article...

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