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Brrrrrr! Temperatures Are Dipping! Must Be Time For FRIGID 2010!

by Karen Tortora-Lee on February 24, 2010

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Okay, okay, so these last few days have been relatively mild, I admit.  Even that giant pile of grey gunk that the plow flung upon my curb which – at it’s all time high – reached up to my shoulders has now evaporated enough to reveal the mounds of garbage that were piled there so eagerly just before the snowstorm hit a few weeks ago.  So, in all fairness, it’s not really “brrrr” worthy out there.  Still, don’t let that stop you from getting in the Frigid spirit!

This morning while you were nestled all snug in your bed, the Frigid Fairy came down the chimney and … hell … I don’t even know where I was going with this.

BUT, what I do know is that today is the start of the Frigid Festival, which is something we take very seriously here at The Happiest Medium!  For more information please visit the official Frigid site and check out the blurbs for some of the shows that are on deck.  And also check this spot often, because we’re going to be covering some really good 1 hour shows.  Here’s what we’ll be reviewing in the next few days:

Fishbowl - Written by Mark Shyzer

“Shockingly funny and equally moving, Mark Shyzer’s Fishbowl slyly reveals the connections between five outrageously hilarious characters: a nerdy schoolgirl obsessed with physics, a nihilistic teenage hipster, a gin-soaked divorcee, a perky aerobics instructor and an octogenarian with an odd sense of humour… all played by Shyzer.”

The Red Room   Wed 2/24,9:30,Fri 2/26,6:30,Sat 2/27,3:30,Tue 3/02,6:30,Sat 3/06,9:30,Sun 3/07,5:00

It or Her – Written by Alena Smith

“Somewhere between Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure  and The Tell-Tale Heart, this provocative dark comedy explores the basement of a suburban home where Andrew has devoted himself unconditionally to his incredible collection of figurines.  Suffering the loss of The Red One, he seeks to uncover The Ultimate Arrangement before his hideout is invaded, and his dark secret is revealed.”

The Red Room  Wed 2/24,6:30,Fri 2/26,8:00,Sun 2/28,2:00,Mon 3/01,6:30,Thu 3/04,8:00

Late Nights With The Boys: confessions of a leather bar chanteuse – Written by Alex Bond

“With delightful and poignant tales of a Southern Songstress and her gay family, Alex Bond and David Carson read selections from Ms. Bond’s novel and transport you to Dallas 1977, a magical time before HIV/AIDS, but not before ignorance and prejudice. A favorite at the 2008 San Francisco Fringe and the 2009 Fresh Fruit Festival.”

UNDER St. Marks Wed 2/24,6:00,Sat 2/27,7:00,Mon 3/01,9:00,Fri 3/05,6:00,Sun 3/07,2:30

Legs and All – Written by Summer Shapiro & Peter Musante

“A physical exploration of limits, perspective and chocolate cake.  Rooted in physical comedy and set to music, it takes a magical look at the mundane where two people stumble into the extraordinary. It peeks at human loneliness and hits up against reality’s glass ceiling to poke about in the breathing space beyond.”

UNDER St. Marks  Fri 2/26,6:00 PM,Sun 2/28,1:00 PM,Mon 3/01,7:30 PM,Wed 3/03,7:30 PM,Fri 3/05,9:00 PM,Sat 3/06,8:30 PM

No Traveler – Written by Penny Pollak

Directed by: Samantha Jones

“In a narcissistic attempt to win her family’s attention, Abigail decides to perform the greatest stunt of all- attempted suicide. When her childish venture turns into unexpected reality, Abigail finds herself trapped in purgatory – a warped version of her apartment with two exits.  Heaven or Hell. As a result of her foolish mistake, there is atonement and penance to be paid… and time is running out.”

UNDER St. Marks  Thu 2/25,10:30, Sat 2/27,10:00, Sun 2/28,7:00, Wed 3/03,10:30, Sat 3/06,5:30

Kill The Band – Written by Kelly Dwyer

“KILL THE BAND IS THE ORIGINAL, COMEDY ROCK AND ROLL, ANTI-CABARET! Coinciding with the release of their first concept album, KILL THE BAND takes you on a cleverly comedic, musically theatrical trip through the band’s breakdowns and breakthrough.  Free CD with every ticket!”

UNDER St. Marks, Wed 2/24,10:30 PM,Fri 2/26,10:30 PM,Tue 3/02,7:30 PM,Sat 3/06,10:00 PM,Sun 3/07,4:00 PM

Vodka Shoes – Written by Leslie Goshko

“Rather than abuse her, Leslie’s alcoholic father would buy her shoes, drag race the lawnmower, and burn the neighbor’s bills, while her mother managed a doomed Christian bookstore and prayed in tongues over Leslie’s ailing sister. Leslie’s storytelling navigates a humorously tragic journey through childhood with frighteningly endearing characters.”

UNDER St. Marks Thu 2/25,7:30 PM,Sat 2/27,4:00 PM,Thu 3/04,9:00 PM,Fri 3/05,7:30 PM,Sun 3/07,1:00 PM

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Diánna MartinNo Gravatar February 26, 2010 at 3:38 pm

It or Her was fantastic. I’m looking forward to catching a few other shows at Frigid – seems like the caliber of shows are much better this year…

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