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A VERY YOGA CHRISTMAS (3rd annual) – Come! It’ll Be Super Fun!

by Karen Tortora-Lee on December 21, 2010

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Don’t forget, boys and girls, that there is so much fun to be had at A VERY YOGA CHRISTMAS (3rd annual) you may not want to keep going for REAL CHRISTMAS.  Does REAL CHRISTMAS have Coach (the greatest rock band in the world?)  Mine doesn’t!  Does REAL CHRISTMAS have comedy and music and dark weirdness?  Mine doesn’t!  Does REAL CHRISTMAS have A Holiday Man-Pain poem by Umberto MacDougal and a Steely Dan dance party from 8-9pm? MINE SURE DOESN’T!  What about FREE CUPCAKES? No?  Or Killy Dwyer’s world premier video Christmas Card “Getting Clean For Jesus’ Birthday”? No?  NO?? What kinda sad REAL CHRISTMAS is that?  Forget that!  Instead, just make sure to be around for A VERY YOGA CHRISTMAS (3rd annual) where you’ll get all this and MORE.

Just head on down to UNDER St. Mark’s Theater (94 St. Mark’s Place [between 1st and Ave A]) this Thursday, December 23 at 8:00pm – 11:00pm

What?  You don’t live in New York??? FIRST of all, there is NO hope for you.  NONE.  SECOND of all, there is a teensy tiny beam of YOGA CHRISTMAS HOPE for you – because A VERY YOGA CHRISTMAS (3rd annual) will be live-streamed on the Internet at  So – I’ll either see you there, or you’ll see me there through the magic of the interwebs.  I’ll be the cute one having the time of my life. Click Here for more info.

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