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A Time To Dance: 4 Things To Know About The Show Before You Go (Times Square International Theater Festival 2012)

by The Happiest Medium on January 16, 2012

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Libby Skala in A Time to Dance photo by Damon Calderwood

A Time to Dance

written and performed by Libby Skala

The story of a pioneering Austrian who transcends poverty, artistic repression and the rise of Hitler through the magic of dance.

Show Times:

  • Tuesday, 1/17 @ 6pm
  • Friday, 1/20 @ 9pm
  • Sunday, 1/22 @ 3pm

Answers by Libby Skala (Playwright, Director, Producer, Performer)


Karen Tortora-Lee’s Question
This is an international festival. What part of the world are you coming from … and will your show tantalize the NYC audience with a taste of your nation’s culture?

Libby Skala: I’m first generation American, but my great aunt, in whose voice the play is written, came from Vienna, Austria. Through the narration of her life, the audience travels a fanciful journey through Vienna’s artistic, socio-economic and political environment during the early part of the 20th century, and then onto America where she built a new life.

Dianna Martin’s Question
Who is the greatest inspiration to you artistically?
Libby Skala: My grandmother. She was a huge aficionado of every form of artistic expression. She was an actress, architect, painter and poet who nurtured artistic expression in everyone she encountered. Not only did she encourage me, but she was a superb role model as the first woman architect in Austria and an Academy Award-nominated actress who worked well into her 90s.

Geoffrey Paddy Johnson’s Question
What emerged as the greatest challenge during the development of this production?
Libby Skala: Finding a structure for the piece under tremendous time constraint. The play was accepted into a festival before it was completed, and when no structure emerged, I tried to withdraw to no avail. I didn’t have time to bring a director on board because I’d been waiting first for the play structure. Opening night was a flop, but by the second performance out of sheer necessity, the structure was in place and the show flew.

Antonio Minino’s Question
You’re in Times Square surrounded by the best Broadway houses and highest selling entertainment in the world. What resources are you utilizing to spread the word about your show and get butts in seats?
Libby Skala
: Email, Facebook, Twitter, postcards sent by snail mail, press releases to press, alumni networks, special interest groups, postcards dropped in key locations, word of mouth.



Writer and Director: Libby Skala
In A TIME TO DANCE, Libby Skala interweaves storytelling and creative dance to portray the dazzling 100 years of her great aunt Elizabeth Polk who transcends poverty, artistic repression and the rise of Hitler through the power of dance to become a renowned dance therapy pioneer. Born in 1902 Vienna, Polk survives it all, and ultimately steals the show.
Run time: 60 min | Country: USA | Genre: Drama, Dance
Venue: Off Broadway Theater, Roy Arias Studios and Theaters
Time: Tue 17th@6:00pm  Fri 20th@9pm  Sun 22nd@3:00pm


Roy Arias Theaters
Off Broadway Theater
300 West 43rd Street 5th Floor
New York , New York 10036
8th Avenue



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