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THM Sponsors The Times Square International Theatre Festival

by Karen Tortora-Lee on January 16, 2012

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There’s a great independent festival kicking off tonight – right in the heart of the theatre district at the Roy Arias Studios & Theaters. What makes The Times Square International Theater Festival special is two things – one, it’s an international festival which means there will be a great range of talents from all over reflecting cultures from around the world.  The second thing is that The Happiest Medium is the proud sponsor of this festival! In the coming week we’ll bring you Q&As with each of the production teams to get you excited about the shows, and we’ll review as many as we can get to!  In the mean time, check out the full schedule here:


Two Classy Broads
Writer: Katie Hammond and Elaine Pechacek | Director: Danny Williams
Spanning the course of one year, SEASONS is a story about love.  This original musical delves into the lives of two couples Poignant and touching, this story explores the characters with humor and realism, and will leave the audience wanting more.
This will be the first time the full musical has been staged.
Run time: 90 min | Country: USA | Genre: Musical
Venue: Stage IV, Roy Arias Studios and Theaters
Time: Mon 16@9:30pm  Thurs 19th@8:00pm  Sat 21st@5:30pm

Theater Un-Speak-Able
Writer and designer: The Ensemble, Theater-Un-Speak-Able | Director :Marc Frost
Superman 2050 is  featuring seven actors performing on a single 3’ by 7’ platform. It is an original superman story, taking place in a fictional Metropolis in the year 2050. At no time do any actors exit the platform, instead existing as either speaking character or background object in each scene, utilizing transitional moments both within and between scenes to shift between the two. It is a fast-paced, high-energy show for all ages.
It is Superman 2050’s New York premiere.
Run time:35 min | Country: USA | Genre: Comedy
Video teaser:
Venue: Off Broadway Theater, Roy Arias Studios and Theaters
Time: Thurs 19th@7:30pm  Sat  21st@2:30pm  Sun 22nd@7:00pm
Book and Lyrics: Angela Chan & Michael Manley
Music: Angela Chan | Director: Lysander Abadia
Got Mommy Issues? Join us on a musical journey with Lily, a first generation Chinese immigrant, and her daughter Mei as they endure the trials and tribulations of old school parenting in a new country. East meets west in this funny, irreverent and moving story about a mother, a daughter, a piano, and tough love, Asian style.
This is the show’s New York premiere.
Run time: 60 min | Country: USA | Genre: Musical
Venue: Stage IV, Roy Arias Studios and Theaters
Time: Monday 16th@8:00pm  Wed 18th@6:30pm  Thurs 19th@6:30pm
Kaliyuga Arts
Written and performed by John Sowle | Director: Steven Patterson
This stunning work combines the Natya Shastra, a remarkably refined and elaborately detailed pre-Christian theatre text from India, with Teyyam, a primitive South India ritual, to create a work that “plunges audiences into a dazzling realm of color and movement, virtually unknown in the West but filled with amazing insights and invaluable lessons for all those who treasure theatre.”
This is Horripilaton’s New York premiere!
Run time: 60 min | Country: USA |  Genre:Theater and dance
Venue: Stage IV, Roy Arias Studios and Theaters
Time: Mon 16th@6:30pm  Thurs 19th@10:00pm  Sat 21st@8:00pm
Human Natural Theater
Writer and Director: Laszlo Kocsis
The Human Natural Theater is an international theater created for communication without borders and age ranges through the language of lyrics, dance, music and film.
We all live together in one box…Wishing ourselves out of it, so that we can be used for what we meant to be…We all want to be useful…There will be someone, who gives light in order that the invisible problems become visible.We never know, who is the next one…We never know ,who gets the short straw…
This is the show’s New York premiere!
Run time: 2h 30 min (one intermission) | Country: Germany | Genre: Comedy | Website: N/A
Venue: Stage IV, Roy Arias Studios and Theaters
Time: Tue 17@7:30pm  Friday 20th@5:30pm  Sat 21st@12:30pm
ANIKAI Dance Theater
Texts from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, MacBeth, Titus Andronicus and Othello
Selected and compiled by Wendy Jehlen | Direction, concept : Wendy Jehlen
Choreographer: Wendy Jehlen with Pradhuman Nayak
WORLD PREMIERE!ANIKAI Dance (US/India) premieres a new dance-theater duet – The Knocking Within.  Combining text in English, Hindi and American Sign Language, and movement vocabulary from Capoeira, Kalaripayattu, Bharat Natyam, West African, and a wide range of Contemporary dance forms, The Knocking Within draws on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello and Titus Andronicus to create a portrait of two sleeping lovers and nightmares that plague them and unveil their insecurities, their fears and the violence that lies just beneath the surface. The Knocking Within is inspired by research into the science and anthropology of
dreams and sleep.
Performed by Wendy Jehlen and Pradhuman Nayak, with lights by Holly Ko.
Run time: 55 min |  Country: USA  |  Genre: Dance and Theater
Venue: Stage IV, Roy Arias Studios and Theaters
Time: Tue 17@6:00pm  Fri 20th@8:30pm  Sun 22nd@3:00pm
National Theatre Company of the Dominican Republic
Director: Orestes Amador
The assassins of Jose Triana are three brothers who unfold a macabre game, dream about the murder of their parents, develop a generational conflict, and are accompanied by a hatred exacerbated to the abuse of the paternal power and the heavy oppression that feels.
The three characters become, unfold and multiply into diverse characters (parents, neighbors, police, judges, assassins); taking the work to a circular drama with moments that clear the comedy.
These universal character reflects human and familiar conflicts like the same mentally ill society that chooses to represent, to remember and to review facts on understanding impossibility, universal subjects that they breathe within those dangerous plays.
The characters play at being able and cruel. In spite of the past time, they show in them an infantile face, locked up in an imaginary world created by them with a glance of upset and foolishness of its reality.
The scenes reflect on infantiles and naive in this simple game and how the game is planned and conscious in the adults. These facts drive the point of the drama even more extreme than triggering the most perverse feelings, when the sadness, the joy, the wrath or the desperation are the detonators.
The original cellar of the author is a dismal and torturous metallic box. It’s a subworld species where the characters interact and amuse in this dark game. The action is contaminated with different scenarios that unload sequences of images, giving the possibility to the spectator of reconstructing the plot with a plurality of readings and of becoming jumbled with the actor, who plays as well as flirt with the characters and enjoys the game with the audience.
Country: Dominican Republic |  Genre: Drama
Venue: Stage IV, Roy Arias Studios and Theaters
Time: Tue 17th@7:30pm | Thu 19th@6:00pm | Sun 22nd@1:00pm
Solo2 Company
Writer and Director: Freia  Canals and Denise Kornitz
A bilingual show (Spanish/ English) for the entire family.
Princess Alita lives in a world of luxury amidst the walls of her palace. She is oblivious to all that surrounds her and knows little outside of her own environment. One day she is sent on a mission that will change her forever.
Alita is a story for everyone that traces the roots of who we are. It is a journey that follows a simplistic path and caresses the fundamental values of mankind. Alita and her friends will make us fly towards a hopeful future.
Run time: 45 min | Country: Argentina, Spain, USA | Genre: Children’s show
Venue: Off Broadway Theater, Roy Arias Studios and Theaters
Time: Wed 18th@4:00pm  Sat 21st 12:30pm  Sun 22nd@ 11:00am
Writer and Director: Libby Skala
In A TIME TO DANCE, Libby Skala interweaves storytelling and creative dance to portray the dazzling 100 years of her great aunt Elizabeth Polk who transcends poverty, artistic repression and the rise of Hitler through the power of dance to become a renowned dance therapy pioneer. Born in 1902 Vienna, Polk survives it all, and ultimately steals the show.WINNER BEST SOLO PERFORMER AWARD, London Fringe Festival  “Funny! Captivating! Charming!” – NYTimes
Run time: 60 min | Country: USA | Genre: Drama, Dance
Venue: Off Broadway Theater, Roy Arias Studios and Theaters
Time: Tue 17th@6:00pm  Fri 20th@9pm  Sun 22nd@3:00pm
Gorilla repertory Theater
Writer: Christopher Carter Sanderson |  Director: Christopher Carter Sanderson
Choreographer: Erin Porvaznik
Enervated by hunger and oppressed by his poverty, Woyzeck struggles to earn money for his common-law wife and their very young son. Scraping together money from his job as a private in the Army, which he supplements by doing odd jobs and shaving his captain for tips daily, Woyzeck slips into madness. As we have journeyed through this terrible landscape, we have seen everything through Woyzeck’s eyes using theatrical tools like cross-casting, rock, folk, and death-metal music and fabulous anachronistic costuming. Only in the very last scene, where the sheriff speaks clearly, does not sing in any way, and is dressed in contemporary costume do we wonder if Woyzeck was ripped out of today’s tabloid murder headlines… or set in Woyzeck’s hallucinatory world of late-1800’s Germany… or is it Norway?
This is the New York premier of the workshop productions with went up for three days in November at Kentucky Repertory Theatre.
Run time: 70 min |  Country: USA |  Genre: Musical
Venue: Stage IV, Roy Arias Studios and Theaters
Time: Wed 18th@8:00pm  Sat 21th@3:30pm  Sun 22nd@1:00pm
(Seeking, Singing and Sickness in India)
Writer: H.R. Britton
Director: Rajeev Varma
A story of seeking, singing and sickness.  In 1995, a wide-eyed just-out-of-college H.R. Britton traveled to India for a year to gain spiritual clarity through yoga and music.  But after three months, his quest for enlightenment took a detour when he became seriously ill.  Melting in Madras is the story of this journey.  Both funny and reflective, Britton uses storytelling, character work, and live raga-inspired singing and guitar playing to paint portraits and cityscapes and to tell the tale of his pilgrimage with all its confusion and beauty.
Run time: 60 min |  Country: USA |  Genre: Solo show/ Storytelling
Venue: Stage IV & Payan Theatre @ Roy Arias Studios and Theaters:
Payan Theater (Tue 17th@ 6pm  Sat 21st@10:00pm )
Stage IV: Sun 22nd@ 4:30pm
Writer and Director: Susanne Sulby
An exploration of the struggles and tragedies of war and our need for sanctuary. A fast paced energetic multi media exploration of the roles we have played in war throughout time. Multiple characters expose the connections of fear, bigotry, power and religion with war and how they find sanctuary from it.This is Sanctuary’s New York Premiere.
Run time: 65 min | Country: USA | Genre: Drama, Solo show
Venue: Off Broadway Theater, Roy Arias Studios and Theaters
Time: Mon 16th@9:00pm  Wed 18th@6:00pm  Fri 20th@7:30pm
Maranao Theater Company
Writer: Nicolas Dorr |  Director: Josean Ortiz
World premiere of the Cuban play by Nicolas Dorr. Performed in Spanish.
Run time: 75 min | Country: Cuba | Genre: Comedy
Venue: Off Broadway Theater, Roy Arias Studios and theaters
Time: Mon 16th@ 6pm  Sat 21st@7:30pm  Sun 22nd@4:30pm
1934 DAYS
Isramerica Production
Concieved and Created: Sivan Hadari | Directed and Co-created: Charlotte Cohn
A STORY ABOUT LONGING AND HOPE – While sharing their own personal experiences and real life stories, ten actors haling from diverse cultural backgrounds (American, Asian, African, Israeli, Palestinian, Latin) explore the deep rooted connection they all have with “longing”. Hear thier stories of unrequited love, separation, heart-break, missing family members that are over-seas, mourning the death of a loved one, getting over a break-up, a parent’s divorce, longing to see your siblings that are living in a different country, a child given up for adoption, a grown man longs for his birth father, a homosexual young man longs for family who do not accept his lifestyle and more. Based on the song ‘Not Over You’ by Gavin Degraw and the story of the return of the captive Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit who came home after five and a half years of captivity; the group explores and conveys the human rational and emotion behind longing for something or someone for one thousand, nine hundred and thirty four days.
Run time: 1h 30 min  |  Country: USA | Genre: Drama
Venue: Little Times Square Theater, Roy Arias Studios and Theaters
Time: Wed 18th@ 10:00pm | Sat 21st@ 10:00pm | Sun 22nd@6:00pm
TIMES SQUARE PINERO (staged reading)
Writer: Anton Pagan | Director: Anton Pagan
Description TBA
Run time:TBA
Website: TBA
Venue:Roy Arias Studios and Theaters
Time: Fri 20th@8pm   Sat 21st@6:30pm
GARBO (Staged reading)
Writer: Joe Gulla |  Director: Brian Rardin
This short comedy/drama tells the story of Joe, a gay New Yorker enjoying an extended holiday in Rome, Italy. Like any foreigner who visits the Eternal City, Joe’s daily life is filled with ever-changing sensorial delights – culture shock at its best! But, it is not until he happens upon the tiny, candle-lit GARBO BAR – hidden on a small cobblestoned street in the ancient quarter of Trastevere – that his emotional adventure TRULY begins! Funny and heartfelt, GARBO explores why life and love may be better lived outside the closet… even (or especially) in the shadow of the Vatican!
Run time: 1h 10min |  Country: USA/Italy |  Genre: Comedy
Venue:Roy Arias Studios and Theaters
Time: Fri 20th@6pm    Sat 21st@8pm
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