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WOYZECK MUSICAL DEATHMETAL: 4 Things To Know About The Show Before You Go (Times Square International Theater Festival 2012)

by The Happiest Medium on January 19, 2012

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Gorilla repertory Theater
Writer: Christopher Carter Sanderson
Director: Christopher Carter Sanderson
Choreographer: Erin Porvaznika

Enervated by hunger and oppressed by his poverty, Woyzeck struggles to earn money for his common-law wife and their very young son. Scraping together money from his job as a private in the Army, which he supplements by doing odd jobs and shaving his captain for tips daily, Woyzeck slips into madness. As we have journeyed through this terrible landscape, we have seen everything through Woyzeck’s eyes using theatrical tools like cross-casting, rock, folk, and death-metal music and fabulous anachronistic costuming. Only in the very last scene, where the sheriff speaks clearly, does not sing in any way, and is dressed in contemporary costume do we wonder if Woyzeck was ripped out of today’s tabloid murder headlines… or set in Woyzeck’s hallucinatory world of late-1800’s Germany… or is it Norway?

Show Times:

  • Wed 1/18 @ 10:00pm
  • Sat 1/21 @ 3:30pm
  • Sun 1/22 @ 1:00pm

Answers by Christopher Carter Sanderson, Writer of the book, lyrics, and music / Dirctor / Drummer


Karen Tortora-Lee’s Question
This is an international festival. What part of the world are you coming from … and will your show tantalize the NYC audience with a taste of your nation’s culture?

Christopher Carter Sanderson:WOYZECK MUSICAL DEATHMETAL was born in Oslo, Norway where I lived and worked while it was commissioned and originally developed, in part with the help of a Fulbright grant. Many aspects of Norwegian culture influenced the tone and atmosphere of the piece, including Norway’s folk music and Death Metal music. There are one or two specific references that the perceptive will pick up, too.

Dianna Martin’s Question
Who is the greatest inspiration to you artistically?
Christopher Carter Sanderson: William Shakespeare.

Geoffrey Paddy Johnson’s Question
What emerged as the greatest challenge during the development of this production?
Christopher Carter Sanderson:The climactic ballad duet was a big challenge. I knew it had to be there long before I could complete it, and I needed great voices and acting to help inform my imagination. That, and the logistics of getting half the cast, and all of the sets, props, and equipment for the show here from Kentucky were the biggest challenges!

Antonio Minino’s Question
You’re in Times Square surrounded by the best Broadway houses and highest selling entertainment in the world. What resources are you utilizing to spread the word about your show and get butts in seats?
Christopher Carter Sanderson:
Very luckily for me, some folks have heard of my company in New York, Gorilla Rep, or read one of the many New York Times, or other reviews of my work over the last 25 years. My last original musical was well received at FringeNYC in 2008. And, we’re hitting FaceBook pretty hard, and hawking postcards in Times Square!


Gorilla repertory Theater
Writer: Christopher Carter Sanderson
Director: Christopher Carter Sanderson
Choreographer: Erin Porvaznika
Run time: 70 min
Country: USA
Genre: Musical
Venue: Little Times Square Theatre, Roy Arias Studios and Theaters
Time: Wed 18th@8:00pm | Sat 21th@3:30pm | Sun 22nd@1:00pm
Tickets Available:
Roy Arias Theaters
300 West 43rd Street 5th Floor
New York , New York 10036
8th Avenue



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