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The Terrible Manpain Of Umberto MacDougal: 5 Things To Know About The Show Before You Go (2012 FRIGID NEW YORK FESTIVAL)

by The Happiest Medium on February 9, 2012

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Five Questions. Five Answers. And One Big Decision: Rock, Paper, Or Scissors?

The Terrible Manpain of Umberto MacDougal

Written by and starring Emleigh Wolf
Directed by Bricken Sparacino
Also starring Mike Ogletree

Umberto MacDougal allows you to look through the window of his tragic manpain. With a beard full of tears and a melancholy guitarist playing a sorrowful tune, Umberto reveals the pain that men feel.

Show Times:

  • Thu 2/23 @ 9:00pm
  • Sun 2/26 @ 7:00pm
  • Mon 2/27 @ 6:00pm
  • Fri 3/2 @ 7:30pm
  • Sat 3/3 @ 2:30pm

Answers by Emleigh Wolf

(Writer / Performer)

Karen Tortora-Lee’s Question
That’s some title. How did you come up with it – and what does it mean?
Emleigh: Umberto MacDougal’s mission in life is to educate people about manpain, the pain that men feel. To do this, he must relate his own personal manpain to the audience, and it is, indeed, terrible.

Diánna Martin’s Question
If you were going to invite five people, anyone from past and present, to see your FRIGID show – who would you invite and why?
I’d have to invite B movie legend, Bruce Campbell because he’s a big influence on my humor, and I’ve embraced a certain cheesiness to my style because of him. Also, I’m a big fangirl.

I think Vincent Price would have really enjoyed it. People remember him for being scary, but if you’re a fan of his films, you know a lot of the terror came from a place of solid manpain. He also employed some excellent facial hair.

Dawn French is one of my absolute heroes in comedy, and I think she’d get a very nice giggle out of The Terrible Manpain of Umberto MacDougal.

Iain Banks would be a great person to invite. So much of his non sci-fi fiction was all about sad Scotsmen. He was very influential in the developmental stages of Umberto since I was pouring over his books at the time.

Is it just past and present? Can I do fictional characters? Because it would be kinda badass to invite Xena…just on general principle. Can I say Xena? I’m gonna say Xena.

Antonio Minino’s Question
What is the biggest sacrifice you’ve ever made for your Art and was it worth it?
My sanity, and I’ll let you know.

Geoffrey Paddy Johnson’s Question
Was there any unexpected discovery made during the development of this production and, if so, can you share it?
I think the most unexpected thing is how sympathetic Umberto actually turned out to be. As much as you are meant to be laughing at his misfortune, I’ve found, developing the character in front of audiences, that both men and women can find a certain empathy for him while still enjoying a good chuckle.


Michelle Augello-Page’s Question
What do you hope the audience receives from the experience of seeing this show?
I hope they take away that awesome feeling you get from laughing so hard your gut hurts a little. I also hope they walk away thinking about manpain and how it affects their lives.



Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament of DEAAAAATH

THM Bonus Question – We’re serious this year!
In the THM virtual Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament of DEAAAAATH which FRIGID Show do you take on? And what do you throw?

Emleigh:I’m throwing down Scissors at Death, It Happens….

Heeeey – isn’t Bricken Sparacino of Death, It Happens the same Bricken Sparacino who is directing The Terrible Manpain Of Umberto MacDougal ?  The same Bricken who threw a ROCK at Umberto MacDougal?  The SAME Bricken Sparacino who Rabbit Island DELIBERATELY lost the match to?  AND the SAME Bricken Sparacino who “invited” others to lose to her?  Hey!  I’m starting to get the picture!  Bricken Sparacino appears to be the Godmother of the Five Frigid Families isn’t she? (Frigid Mafia?  Ciò è questo Frigid Mafia?)  Well – we’re on to you Bricken!  And if you wind up winning this whole Tournament of Deaaaaath … we’ll know to have a really good prize for you.  Ma’am.

Okay!  Back to you, Miz MacDougal.  So – one rock thrown by Death, It Happens.  That’s a LOSS.

One more rock thrown at you by Chlamydia – another LOSS.

Talk about Manpain!  Things are not looking good for the Scotsman – brought down by Death and Chlamydia.  Ooof.

Thanks The Terrible Manpain Of Umberto MacDougal for participating in The Happiest Medium’s FRIGID New York Festival 2012 Q&A. And for playing our game! You’re officially SCISSORS in any and all challenges. You may win, you may not – who knows! This is how it works in the crazy world of the Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament of DEAAAAATH!

For the rest of you don’t forget to check out The Terrible Manpain Of Umberto MacDougal!



The Terrible Manpain of Umberto MacDougal
Directed by: Bricken Sparacino
Feb 23, 9:00PM
Feb 26, 7:00PM
Feb 27, 6:00PM
Mar 02, 7:30PM
Mar 03, 2:30PM
UNDER St.Marks



The 2012 FRIGID NEW YORK FESTIVAL will run February 22-March 4 at The Kraine Theater & The Red Room (85 East 4th Street between 2nd Ave and Bowery) and UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place between 1st Ave and Ave A). Tickets to all shows may be purchased online at or by calling Smarttix at 212-868-4444.


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EmleighNo Gravatar February 9, 2012 at 1:15 pm

Ah, that’s what I get for running with scissors!

BrickenNo Gravatar February 9, 2012 at 4:29 pm

I have always wanted to be the godfather. As a director I have never used the “if you don’t do a good job you’ll be sleeping with the fishes” line, but I will now.

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