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Revealed Burlesque Lives Up To Its Promising Name

by Lina Zeldovich on September 25, 2010

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Burlesque is about fun and mischief, and Revealed Burlesque is as mischievous and revealing as it gets.

The producer, Doc Wasabassco and co-producer GiGi La Femme, who is also the star of the show, have the moxie and sexy to create a one-of-a-kind neo-burlesque, that combined everything from female allure to the beauty of a human body to a hearty laugh with some deliciously dirty thoughts thrown in. Hosted by the hilarious Bastard Keith along with his stage kitten sidekick, Madame Rosebud, this monthly striptease extravaganza makes your fantasies come true. Perhaps it can even teaches you a thing or two that you always wanted to know but you were embarrassed to ask.

Revealed Burlesque lives up to its name and exceeds your expectations. Consider yourself warned, ladies and gents, the unabashed and uninhibited nudity jumps at you even before the curtain flies up. Madame Rosebud, a female kitten impersonator, who somehow earned a mysteriously charming nickname of a “girl who fell to earth,” simply can’t help it: her stage costume consists of a French-esque hat, soft and comfy leg warmers, and a scarf that she stylishly wears tied behind her chiseled back. Well, if that doesn’t pull your lips up in a smile setting your mood for the evening, this burlesque scene may not be your cup of tea.

Unlike most traditional burlesque shows where every performer enters the stage in a classic striptease garb of glossy gloves, silk stockings and everything in between, predictably removing it piece by piece until all that’s left is a pair of pasties and a strip of lace smaller than a fig leaf, Revealed Burlesque takes the sassy art into a different dimension. Every number is different and not only in the color of pasties.

Marlo Marquise does the classic black-and-red number of high heels, black corset and stocking, ultimately leaving the stage in nothing left to lose. Darlinda Just Darlinda, enters the battlefield wrapped in a red cloth which reveals the crack of her plump buttocks, mounts a red chair and makes your wildest fantasies come true. Not only her earth moves, but so does the concrete foundation of the theater, and perhaps even the rocks of the underlying island of Manhattan scream and shudder in that climaxquake. Kobayashi Maru, the borg of the show, who does her Revealed number enveloped in the mysterious lights of her electrical costume makes you think of a nudist Christmas tree. Both Calamity Chang and Sapphire Jones tease and taunt their audience with their feather fans huge enough to conceal their entire bodies – but only when they want to. And Gigi LaFemme, the star and co-producer, wraps up the night with her lively dance she starts in a lavender bikini and ends in her birthday suit. Gigi is certainly one of New York’s sultriest striptease stars and she does it artfully and with flair, which may be why she won the title Miss Coney Island 2010 and a Golden Pastie Award for Best Booty Shaker 2009.

And of course, the evening just wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for our hilarious host. Bastard Keith whose talents as MC  encompass being a stand-up comedian and comic poet leaves audience laughing as he recites his fall poem Bitches Love the Falling Leaves. After all, stripping is well and good, but a shot of good ol’ slightly dirty humor is like your favorite topping on ice-cream.

Yet, with all its teasing and pleasing, Revealed Burlesque never goes overboard and never crosses that line of becoming just another place where la femme fatales take off their clothing. It never stops being fun- that special kind of enticing feeling when a couple can sit together holding hands while they watch yet another burlesque number without feeling odd or out of place in any way.

An excerpt from Bitches Love the Falling Leaves (with permission to quote from Bastard Keith)

Women like so many odd little things
It’s hard to remember the list
Like puppies and jewelry and donkeys that sing
Or babies or Florida Independent candidate Charlie Crist

But if it’s your aim to get into her pants
You Harrys and Davids and Steves
There’s only one way to be in with a chance
Bitches Love the Falling Leaves


Revealed Burlesque
Under St. Marks
94 St. Mark’s Place
New York, NY 10009
Open Run
Every third Wednesday of the month – 10:00pm
Ticket Price: $20.00
Tickets by Phone: 212-868-4444
or click here
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