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De Profil: Jesse Eisenberg

by Anne Jordanova on September 29, 2010

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If you don’t yet recognize this face yet live in New York City, you may as well be living under a rock. This week I am featuring one of my favorite young actors, Jesse Eisenberg, because he is just incredible, and should be mentioned in every hot topic column regarding film actors. Related Posts:No Related ... Read The Full Article...



I left a screening late last night of “I’m Still Here” disturbed, alarmed, and literally unable to sleep afterward.  The ‘documentary film’ directed by Casey Affleck centers around the retirement of actor and brother in law Joaquin Phoenix, and his decision to descend into a downward spiral into the world of hip hop. After two ... Read The Full Article...


Picture Me

“Picture Me- A Model’s Diary” is the new documentary following the rise of high fashion model Sara Ziff, over the course of several years, by her then filmmaker boyfriend Ole Schell. It first premiered  at the 2009 Gen Art Film Festival in New York, and it is shocking, honest, and disturbing. Related Posts:No Related Posts



In Poligamy – a Hungarian indie feature film to be screened at the Astoria/LIC International Film Festival Oct 22-24, 2010 Dénes Orosz, a Hungarian director and producer,explores the ever-controversial subject of polygamy from the surprising angle of what would happen if someone’s coveted wish was miraculously fulfilled. A young Hungarian couple, Andrash and Lilla, have been ... Read The Full Article...


Le Concert

I don’t ordinarily feature films in the ‘De Profil’ section on THM, but I figured this is a grand exception.  As I walked past the Aneglika today in Manhattan, I saw a film poster for “The Concert” starring a wonderful French actress named Melanie Laurent. I decided to check it out, and was blown away ... Read The Full Article...



In a time when full immersion is the key to any good entertainment experience Mardi-Ellen Hill has managed to create a multi media-universe that allows the participant to be drawn into a world of her creation through any number of doors.  Choose your favorite: book, game, music, and let the hidden mystery that is the ... Read The Full Article...



If you live in the New York City area then you have heard of DavidJr.Com. If you haven’t, you must have been sleeping. A trademark within himself, David (Bates) set up his franchise with only one thing- himself. As a filmmaker, one of a million in New York, he needed to stand apart from the ... Read The Full Article...



* * * * “I’m scared.” “Me too.” * “I’m confused.” “Me too.” * “What just happened?” “Liza Minnelli dance number.” “Why?” “….” * Related Posts:No Related Posts


Chelsea Hotel

I felt very compelled to share my experience of staying at the notorious Chelsea Hotel last night, as today it is still rattling me to the bone. I had a shoot last night, Wednesday, at the hotel in room 501. I found out it was an incredible suite on a floor very famous for housing ... Read The Full Article...

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Gen Art Logo

For those who work in independent film in New York or LA – the announcement that Gen Art has finally become a victim of the recession hits hard. After 16 amazing years of bringing to the public emerging film, fashion, music, and fantastic parties – Gen Art’s rule has ended. Related Posts:No Related Posts

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This week, I’d like to feature one of my favorite singers and actresses of the past 20 years- Vanessa Paradis.  If you are only familair with Ms. Paradis as the wife of Johnny Depp, you are sadly missing out.  In France, this woman is a star-and has indeed earned it. Related Posts:No Related Posts

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by Anne Jordanova on April 2, 2010

It was great to see the crowd for this film at my local cinema last night. Yes, the reviews for this look like they are all over the map. But let it be said that without this fantastic casting (Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson and Amanda Seyfried-a powerful erotic, sexual trio), the glorious cinematography and the ... Read The Full Article...